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Furnace Repair in Peabody

While we don’t always get to choose the heating system in our homes, it is up to us to ensure that those systems keep functioning at their best to keep us warm in cooler months and heat our water on a daily basis.

Your average furnace is built to last 15 years. However, those 15 years are not guaranteed to be maintenance-free. At ACM Service, we know this all too well. Luckily for you, we’re able to help out with that maintenance and keep your costs down while we’re at it.

Offering competitive prices on services in the Peabody area, making sure that your furnace is functioning the way it should be is well worth the price, and will even save you on energy expenses. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us today.

Gas Furnace Repair

Common problems you may experience if you’re the owner of a gas furnace include:

  • Not enough heat production
  • A blower that won’t turn off
  • Strange or loud noises
  • Constantly turning on and off

But don’t worry if your problem isn’t listed here. At ACM Service we’ve dealt with it all and are always up for a new challenge. You may be wondering, is there anything you can do before having to make a call to an HVAC service? Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that we’d recommend.

Especially when dealing with gas furnace repair it’s important to have a professional certified in heating system repair managing the situation as gas furnaces do have the potential to become dangerous and need to be handled with care.

Electric Furnace Repair

There aren’t a lot of difference between a gas and electric furnaces, especially when it comes to the signs you may be experiencing problems with them.

If your electric furnace isn’t producing heat, has a blower that won’t turn off, is loud and noisy, or turning on and off all the time—give ACM Service a call.

There are fixes that are easy for certified electric furnace repair professionals to take care of and by calling us as quickly as possible you’ll be guaranteed the most affordable and efficient solution.

Preventative Maintenance

While there’s not a lot you can do once there’s a problem with your furnace beyond calling an HVAC service in, there are steps you can take to prevent these problems from occurring, at least for a little while.

ACM Services offers comprehensive preventative maintenance packages for residents of Peabody. Our experienced technicians will inspect the internal machinery of your furnace. From the fans to the filters, they’ll be able to tell if one or more part is beginning to fail—and they’ll fix it before it does.

A key thing to remember is that furnaces typically last for around 15 years. But after eight years, your furnace might start showing signs of age. The whole thing won’t need to be replaced, but you may need to change some individual components. Preventative maintenance ensures that every component is working at peak efficiency so that your furnace will work for as long as possible.

If your furnace has broken down several times over the course of a couple years, it might be in your best interest to start thinking about getting a replacement. It’s a big up-front investment, but if it means less servicing, you might end up saving money over all.

If you want to learn about the little things you can do to make your furnace happy, just ask! And, if you’re not comfortable with performing your own furnace maintenance, we’re available to help.

Changing Your Furnace Filters

The filter in your furnace is designed to keep dust and particles from blowing into your home. Over time, the filter will collect so much dust that air has trouble passing through it. This will cause the furnace to work harder than it normally should, raising your monthly energy bill and wearing out your furnace. When that happens, you might even find small particles passing through the furnace into your home.

Every home requires a different furnace filter changing schedule. If you have animals, for instance, you’ll need to change your filters more often. This is partly because of the fur, but also the amount of fine dust and dirt they track in every time they go out and come back in. Although it sounds strange, this rule also applies to children. A childless couple will need to change their furnace filter less often than a family of four. The more people or animals living in a house, the more often the furnace filter will need to be changed.

Your home might be more or less dusty depending on where it is situated. A house in an urban center may get dustier than one in the countryside simply because of the street traffic and construction. This is especially true if you often leave your windows or doors open. The dust just blows in and enters your HVAC system. All the dust can cause your furnace filter to get prematurely clogged. If you notice lots of dust accumulating in your home, make sure to clean your filter often.

Keeping these things in mind, it’s recommended that, based on the thickness of your filter, you should change your filter every three, six, or twelve months. It’s best to take a look at it and see. Or, in Peabody, call in the pros from ACM Service. We can inspect your furnace and replace parts of it where necessary.

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