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Boiler Repairs in Peabody

When you require dependable, durable repairs to your location’s boiler, you can entrust the proven expertise of ACM Service. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced HVAC specialists with the ability to repair and maintain any heating components your home or business needs.

With safety as our top priority, we use the most efficient equipment and resources to guarantee a superior repair job. We’ll keep your heating system functioning reliably at all times.

You’ll appreciate our dependable workmanship, prompt and courteous approach to customer service, and competitive rates.

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Residential and Commercial Boiler Repair Specialists

Clients in Peabody depend on a steady supply of heat for their homes or business. Particularly in the winters, an efficient furnace system is crucial to maintaining an inviting environment. However, over the course of a furnace’s lifespan, which is generally 15 to 20 years, maintenance and repairs are required to keep it functioning at its peak.

As a leading team of HVAC specialists, we are familiar with both traditional and innovative boiler and heating systems.

We know each of the components of your boiler inside and out, and we are fully licensed and insured to guarantee the best quality results.

Our Team Is Available 24/7 for Emergency Boiler Repairs

If required, we offer 24/7 emergency availability. Whenever you find yourself without heat, our experts are ready to serve your home or business anytime. We’re committed to working safely and neatly within your space, minimizing disruptions to life as usual.

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Qualified, Experienced HVAC Professionals for Boiler Maintenance and Repairs

We work with diligence and precision to keep your Peabody home or business at a warm and inviting temperature. Like other appliances, furnaces will undergo losses in efficiency and performance. This is especially true in the case of commercial boilers, which heat much larger spaces and are expected to perform more or less constantly.

When you notice your furnace is blowing cold air, or if there is an uneven distribution of heat within your location, it may be an indicator that your boiler needs repairs or maintenance. Other indicators may include unusual notices from the furnace or complete lack of heat.

If you are doubtful of your boiler or furnace’s performance, we will provide an assessment of your residential or commercial system. If repairs are required, one of our technicians will proceed with the required boiler repairs.

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Boiler Assessments from the Durable and Reliable HVAC Experts

When ACM Service arrives at your home or business, we will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your furnace. Our expertise in boilers and HVAC systems is unmatched, and we can expertly diagnose any problem your HVAC system may be faced with.

Preventative maintenance is another specialty of ours, and we ensure that your heating system offers great reliability at any time of year.

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Peabody HVAC Repairs

Anyone who has spent the fall, winter or spring in Peabody, Massachusetts knows that having a working heating system is essential not only for comfort but for survival. There is no bigger nuisance than trying to go about your regular routine at home or work without adequate heating. This is especially true if your Peabody home or business relies on a boiler to stay warm.

Boiler systems are one of the cleanest and safest ways to effectively heat a building in Massachusetts. However, like any appliance, you can’t expect it to last forever. But if it fails or starts to malfunction and your home or business starts losing its heat, taking matters into your own hands is a terrible idea. Boiler repairs should only ever be conducted by trained professionals who know their way around these systems.

While it might be tempting to try and repair it yourself or go for the contractor that gives you the cheapest quote, it’s never worth the risk. A mistake could end up doing more damage. This can either lead to an even more inefficient heating system, water damage or become a fire hazard. Are any of these scenarios worth it when affordable boiler repairs conducted by licensed and bonded heating professionals are only a phone call to ACM service away.

For many years, ACM has been on a mission to provide the people of Peabody with the most practical and effective solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation needs. We have specialized in boiler repairs since our company’s inception and we guarantee we can handle any issue your boiler is experiencing, regardless of its make or model.

The Most Common Causes of Boiler Breakdown in Peabody

Because your boiler works hard to heat your Peabody home, it’s under more mechanical strain than most of the other appliances in your house. As such, the many components that keep your boiler safe and functional are liable to break down over time. If you’re not investing in annual boiler service, your risk of a boiler parts failure increases significantly.

ACM Service is Peabody’s boiler expert, so we’ve put together this little troubleshooting guide to the most common parts in your boiler that fail. Suspect any of these? Call a boiler engineer ASAP!

1. Broken Diaphragm Tank

The diaphragm tank is mandatory on boilers installed in the last 20 years. It provides a safe ‘overflow’ zone for the main tank and drastically decreases risk of dangerous pressure buildup. But if it fills up with too much water, your boiler will shut off automatically as a safety measure. If you suspect a broken diaphragm tank, you should call a technician to confirm and inspect it.

2. Pump Seal or Pressure Valve

The symptom most commonly associated with an internal part being displaced is leaking. Your boiler is designed to be a water- and air-tight system, and so any leaking is a cause for concern. If a pressure valve or the pump seal is loose, you could have a dangerous situation on your hands. Call an engineer to handle this one.

3. Pilot Light

Your pilot light keeps the system on and is maintained by a steady flow of gas. But a number of problems can cause it to go out or not stay lit. Most models have a flame sensor to detect whether or not it is lit. If this sensor gets covered with dust and grime, your boiler will shut off the gas flow, putting out your pilot light and stopping your boiler from heating properly.

However, any pilot light problem can indicate an issue with your home’s gas supply. Make sure you are absolutely 100% certain other gas-powered appliances are working before attempting to relight the pilot.

4. Condensate Pipe

If you have a new boiler, odds are you have a condensing boilers, which are the latest development in boiling technology. These new boilers contain a pipe that drains away liquid from the main boiler to save on energy costs. But the condensation liquid is highly acidic, and it can cause your condensate pipe to erode over time.

Then your pipe will become vulnerable to freezing during the cold months. The good news? This is something you can actually fix yourself by pouring hot water over the condensate pipe until it thaws. But if that isn’t the cause of your boiler problems, you should call a boiler repair technician to come inspect your system.

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Water Leakage Around Your Boiler

Water leakage around your boiler is never a good sign. Leaks can corrode and rust important components of your boiler and can even short-circuit the system’s electrical components. Those leaks can even result in damage to your room, depending on where your boiler is situated.

What are the causes of these leaks? Here are just a few common problems that will often lead to a leaky boiler.

  1. Cracks in Boiler’s Body: Over time your boiler might become damaged due to the stresses of repeated warming and cooling. These fluctuations in temperature cause the metal on your boiler to expand and contract, which can sometimes lead to cracks and splits.
  2. Damaged Seals: Sometimes the seals on your boiler’s pump can loosen or break. Fixing this requires the services of a professional who knows how to reseal pumps.
  3. Loose Joints: If you check the fittings, pipes, and tubes which are connected to your boiler and notice that some of them are loose, then they need to be re-tightened. Water can leak through any loose joints very easily. Thankfully this is a quick fix!

Signs That Your Boiler Needs Repairs

Recognizing the signs that there is something with your home or business’s boiler is half the battle. The sooner you catch a problem, the easier and faster it is for us to provide you lasting repairs. The only issue? Well, unless you’re a plumber or boiler repair technician, odds are you won’t have the first clue how to identify the warning signs that something is wrong with your boiler.

ACM Service has prepared this list of common issues with your boiler and how to spot them. So the next time your home feels a little chillier than it should be, consult this list and investigate. Then if any of these symptoms apply to your boiler, give us a call today:

  • Gurgling and whistling sounds. Could be caused by air in the system, system running inefficiently, not enough water or lack of maintenance. One thing that’s for certain is that if you hear unusual sounds coming from your boiler, it’s essential you call a boiler repair technician for boiler repair.
  • If you hear banging or crashing noises coming from your boiler, disconnect your boiler from the power supply by flipping its switch in your circuit breaker panel and call ACM Service immediately. This is one of the most dangerous signs of imminent boiler failure.
  • It looks like it’s been burnt. This sign is bad news for sure. If the outside of your boiler is charred to a crisp, this is likely due to a blocked heating system, blocked vent or blocked chimney. The excess heat your boiler generates isn’t being redirected properly, which puts you and your loved ones at risk for boiler failure or even a house fire if not dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Your system is not reaching the temperature that you have set on your thermostat. There’s actually a wide variety of causes for this problem. Sometimes it’s as simple as a mis-calibration of your boiler’s internal thermostat, or maybe your pilot light isn’t lighting properly. For whatever reason it may be, it’s best to have a professional come round and perform a full inspection.
  • If water is leaking or pooling around your boiler, please call us immediately if you notice a leak because it could indicate a faulty safety system, faulty fresh water feed or the temperature of your system is too high. A leak can lead to corrosion or the short-circuiting of your boiler’s electrical components.
  • Rust on the top of your boiler. It’s a sign of poor chimney venting, possible carbon monoxide buildup or not enough clean air in the system. This excess moisture causes rust to form, but that’s not all. It can deposit soot all over your boiler room, but the extra humidity can cause mold to grow in your drywall and in your basement. Gross!
  • Dirt and particles on the top of the boiler. This could be triggered by not having enough combustion air.

What’s the Best Company to Call for Boiler Repair Near Me?

ACM Service is the top boiler repair company working in Peabody today. If we haven’t convinced you with this helpful and informative document, why not check out our stellar A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau? After nearly 20 years in business helping Peabody residents deal with their boiler problems, we’re the undisputed boiler experts in town.

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